My Story


LONELINESS was thee hardest part of my Christian walk in the beginning. Prior to giving my life to Christ, i was your normal street guy living a street life; in jail, out of jail, shot and in the hospital, out of the hospital, attending funerals then right back to the streets like nothing happened etc. I lived this life with all my childhood friends. We were all sucked into the viscious cycle of self destruction. Then through a chain of events I was able to hear God calling me. I answered the call and never went back.

After getting saved is where my issue started. As i stated; i lived the street life with all my childhood friends. Now i have a new life and the friends that i loved and would have literally died for, were no longer any good for the direction my life was headed. I went from having dozens of people to hang with, going out all the time to party, to home alone with no peers to relate with. There were no guys at my church my age, and I didnt know any men outside of my uncles that were believers. I felt as if i was all alone and there was no one out there who could understand my frustrations. This went on for 2 years. Two years of me feeling like there is no one else like me on this walk. I loved God, I loved Church, I loved being a Christian. You could not pursuade me that there was any other way to Heaven save through Jesus, yet I was ready to give it all up and walk away, because it seemed to me that there was no place in Christianity for me. I was all alone. Then God showed me the purpose of my pain.

God placed on my heart to start Do Something Ministry. A ministry geared towards young adults. To edify, encourage and empower them to be all God called them to be. But most importantly, be a network where young adults can be connected to their peers. My pain, my hurt, my loneliness, were all to give me a passion to keep anyone from walking away from the faith due to solitude.

So im launching DSM, a ministry to keep us united. For the person that is at a church with no one their age. For the person that is at a church that does not have a young adult ministry. For the person that just got saved and has no saved friends. DSM is here to fill the void. We’re not trying to take anyone from their home church, we’re trying to empower people to be fully active in their church. DSM is a brotherhood for men and a sisterhood for women. We’re a group of believers that are going through the same experiences, temptations and feelings of despair in a church that often times has a ministry for the youth, ministries for the seasoned saints, but after you hit 18 it seems as if you get lost. DSM is open to all to be a fully active part of the ministry. Do Something Ministry; YOUR PEERS, YOUR MINISTRY!!

by Minister Mitchell Chance


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  1. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!! To God be the Glory!!!!! Awesome:):):):):):):)
    What church are you with?

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