True Love

Love is not to be aroused until an appointed time
I see now why you have set provision for me
Lord only you can ease this yearning heart of mine
Because of you I know the true meaning of intimacy
I am forever drawn to you, engulfed by your spirit from the very start
My epistles to you are never stamped return to sender
Your living word penetrates my soul and circumcises my heart
You’ve opened yourself up to me revealing your glory and all its splendor
To you I bear only one name, that’s Beloved
Our love story was written before I was conceived in my mother’s womb
Oh how you love me. your promises an everlasting covenant
Like the adorning words delivered to a bride from her groom
How foolish I would be to ever depart from a love so unconditional
Separating myself from the only one that has always met me at my needs
The connection we share is boundless, the devotion is immeasurable
I have put you first, your rightful position, a place no one or thing can ever supersede
by Latifah Lowman

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  1. Reblogged this on Mz. Write Now and commented:
    Check out my latest poem contributed to Do Something Ministry. Don’t know what Do Something Ministry is !? Do Something Ministry is a ministry for young adults ages 18-35. This is the age range where the highest rate of people leave the church. We don’t believe they leave because they don’t believe in Jesus anymore, we believe they feel they don’t belong anymore. You turn 18 and you’re out of the youth ministry and you just feel lost. DSM is the ministry they can be a part of that will keep them coming to church. We do not have a church, so we will not be taking people from there churches, but through our teachings, events and fellowships; we will give them that sense that they belong to the body through us, while they stay under their pastor for guidance. We will also serve as a network for the people that get saved and have no saved friends. It is vital to our Christian walk that we are surrounded by believers outside of the church building. Its easy to fall back into your old ways if you’re still hanging with the same people. With DSM, we have gatherings that welcome all and help to create kingdom relationships. We unofficially launched Mens/Womens Bible study/Fellowships (the official launch will be in September) through those fellowships, men got to meet other men and women other women and they have created a bond that will last. For the person without any saved friends, they can join DSM and instantly have the support of a group of believers that truly want to see them grow in The Lord. We are here to first build unity among believers. We also edify, encourage and empower every member of the DSM to be all that God has called them to be. We are open for anyone to join, we welcome all and desire that every young adult will be a part of this ministry. A ministry that any young adult can be fully active in. A ministry of young adults, for young adults. If you are interested then be a part. Your peers, your ministry.

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