Dear God

ImageLord: I need you like yesterday. I’ve placed my faith in you, and not just with my mouth but with my actions; and it seems that nothing is changing. My flesh would have me believe that you don’t hear my cry. That even if you heard it you wouldn’t care enough to fix what I need fixed. Father I know that new mana doesn’t fall until thee old mana is gone. And that you want me to trust that YOU will provide, but my mana is gone and I don’t see any falling. My cup is empty annnnnd………I thirst. When O God will my time come? When will there be a pouring into my life as I’ve poured into others? When will my tide change? When will my storm be at peace? Only you know the answers because you know all. You see my end at my beginning. You see my outcome when I see my present. You see me victorious when I see me struggling. You see me looking back on what I’ve gone through, while all I can’t see me getting through. Maybe I should try to see like you…….but how? You say to walk by faith and not by sight. So I have to stop looking AT my problems and look TOWARDS what you promised. I have to rid myself of the thoughts that this is my end and let Your Word be what’s final in my life. I have to look back on all the times you brought me through.  All the grace that was on my life. All the favor I received when I didn’t deserve it. All the people I’ve watched you bring out of their lowest points to their highest. All the visions you have given me and the fact that this thing im going through is not overtaking me. Lord I trust that you will see me through. I know that you are going to provide, even if it’s in the very last moment I need it. My trust cant based on my timing or you doing it when I feel is a comfortable time. My trust has to say “when the enemy comes into life like a flood. You will raise up a standard.” As I shift my focus on You, I almost forget why I started to write this letter. I need you like yesterday; and You’ve made me realize that you were there.

by Min Mitchell Chance


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