Dont You Know?

Don’t you know that I love you

I long to be with you, but you have no clue

I gave my all for you, yet you turn to emptiness

You love on emptiness, and give it everything you should have given me

You took my heart and stepped on it, took my love and torn it to pieces

You forsook us and yet I still love you


Foolishly others may say; I still desire to be with you

I desire for you to return to me

I’m selfishly in love with you and I’ve opened myself to you on purpose

I won’t force you though; instead I will ache for now

The aching reminds me that there is still a chance for reconciliation

However I won’t endure this ache forever, I can’t wait for you to come to your senses forever

My love please don’t continue to shame my name by denying our love

Let me be who I desire to be in your life, let me be the only one you turn to

 Stop exalting emptiness and place it in its rightful place underneath me

 By Latifah Lowman

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