Just A Regular Dude

Before Christianity, before Judaism, before religion, before the law, before God chose a people to reveal Himself through, before sin entered the world; there was Adam. ImageHe did not have a title or a position. In fact, he really didn’t even have a name. Adam in Hebrew is just “the man.” Without any external factors, Adam was just a regular dude. He didn’t have to explain his relationship with God, or go around proclaiming that he loved God. His relationship with God was not compartmentalized into Sunday morning and Wednesday evening, but in his regular life; God was a part.

What saddens me today is that; if someone loves God they’re considered irregular. The devil has done such a great job of infiltrating and tainting Christianity; that Christians need titles, positions and a megaphone screaming “I LOVE GOD” in order to feel like they have a relationship with Him. As I’m promoting DSM; in order to even get most people’s attention, I have to go out my way to show them that I’m just a regular dude. But why do I have to do that? Why do I have to emphasize that I’m normal? Did the world put a false image on Christians or is this what we have presented? I’m sorry to say it’s the latter.

We have created this façade that keeps people from even wanting to be involved with the church. We have this Sunday morning perfection face, that makes people on the outside look at us as perfect, or they know the true us and see us as frauds. Either way, they want no part of what the church looks like. Thee most sad part about this is that people don’t have an issue with Jesus; they have an issue with the church image. Until we put down the external factors we need to prove our Christianity, we will never reach those that are lost.

I spent most of my life in the streets, so when I came to know Christ I didn’t have church mannerisms. I read and loved Gods word, I loved Jesus; but I refused to be some up tight individual. I’m walking in my anointing, but until this day my swag is still on CFCF (a Philly jail). Like Adam, I just incorporated God into my everyday life. I don’t walk around saying I’m blessed and highly favored every time someone asks me how I’m doing. Though I am a Minister, I never introduce Screenshot_2013-09-19-10-25-29-1myself as one. I’ve dedicated my life to Gods work, but those around me know if I’m asked about myself or esteemed by others, my response is always “I’m just some dude.” It’s nothing special about me; I’m just a regular dude.

All the DSM promotions are telling the world we’re “regular people that love God.” The implication I get from that is, it’s not normal for a regular person to love God; so we have to accentuate the fact that we Love God AND that we’re regular, as opposed to the two being interchangeable. Adam did not have this problem. IN being a regular person, he loved God. There should be no difference in a regular person and a person that loves God to the point it has to be stressed. As Christians, we need to drop the extra stuff and just be normal.

Reading a post from one of DSM members has given me a revelation. I no longer want to say “I’m a regular dude that loves God.” Not to put myself on a pedestal, but my life doesn’t reflect the extras. I already walk around like everyone else. I don’t have a church face. The Mitch seen on Friday is the same Mitch seen on Sunday morning. That does not mean I’m perfect on Friday or Sunday. It means that whatever faults I have are never masked. Who am I that I need to walk around like I got it all together? Who am I that I need to be addressed by a title? Is my life not showing that I love God, so I have to scream it? I am NOBODY, and my life should show I love God before my mouth does. I’m going to try to no longer emphasize my love for God and my regularness (yes I made that word up.) My love for God is infused into my being. I’m not a regular dude that loves God. I’m just a regular dude.

by Mitchell Chance                                                                                                                                                                                 @DrMitchLove Instagram & Twitter


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