Following God’s Recipe

Brownie Bites

Let’s talk life, through sweets of course.

One of the most frustrating experiences for a baker is to have your cake fail to rise or have it fall in the oven. You spend time shopping, measuring, mixing, and juicing up your taste buds in anticipation only to have your hopes sink to the bottom of your pan. If you follow the recipe to the “T,” stay out of the kitchen while it’s baking, and allow the process to work as it should you’ll have a good cake. However if your over mix your ingredients the cake will not rise properly. Or if you move around in the kitchen or open the oven door too much, the cake will surely fall as the lost heat messes with the rising.

    Like many of us I’ve often struggled to follow the recipe God has given me.  I’ve spent a lot of time involved in ministry activities, school, and other positive things but not always enough time with him.  God is showing me that if I over mix my batter and keep doing too much I will not rise to be what he has called me to be.   The method and process are equally if not more important than the ingredients  themselves.  I thought that if I could fill my time up with the right “things” then I’m demonstrating to God my loyalty and commitment to his word.     I’ve learned that the most important part of the process is to spend time with him.  You can fill your bowl up with good ingredients but if you don’t follow the process and set aside time for him you’re just over mixing.  Ministry and positive activities do not take the place of spending time with him.  They may supplement you’re growth but they are not the source of your growth.  How would you feel if someone you loved only wanted to use your resources for what they were trying to accomplish, but never spent any time with you.  Even if they were trying to do the right thing, omitting a connection with you severs the relationship.  God created us to worship, love, and adore him.  No activity or good deed on Earth can take the place of that.  I still struggle with this, but I’ve gotten better and God is making the error of my ways plain so I can change.

    Maybe you’ve put all of the right ingredients into the cake, mixed them up, and followed every direction to get this cake into the oven.  And even though you can see through the glass door of your oven, you just have to interrupt the process and open the door to take a peek.  “I’m tired of being single so I’m just going to spend every Friday fishing at the bar, or singles events trying find the right one.”  Or “I’m just going to sleep with him/her because I’m tired of waiting and we can have a relationship outside of marriage that will give me the same benefits.”  If you’re doing this you are opening the oven door and interrupting the baking process.  I’m not saying it’s wrong to attend singles events or look for your wife but if this becomes your strongest desire that you act on then you’re peeking and your cake will fall.  Trust me I’m single and I know it’s not easy waiting on God.  I’m often alone in my apartment screaming “WHERE IS HE, I’M TIRED OF WAITING,” lol.  Then I get it together and keep it moving :). You don’t have to take things into your own hands and open the door to see if the cake is going to turn out how you want it.  God has given you a window on your oven door to look through in Psalm 37:4; “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give thee the desires of thine heart.”  You don’t have to open the door and interrupt the process with meddling because you fear  you won’t get what you want.  All you need to do is delight yourself in  him and as long as your desire aligns with his will you’ll get it.  Delight yourself in him by reading and studying his word, connecting with him through prayer, and worshipping him.  Trust him as the recipe and process God has designed for you will yield aPicture beautiful cake.  All you have to do is follow the recipe; your input really isn’t needed.  I know sometimes it’s hard because you want the cake NOW and you can’t resist the peek, but you’re only setting yourself up to fall.  Is a half baked or fallen cake still edible? Of course, but it’s not the desired result.  Do you want to turn out your way or God’s way?   Trust God’s process, get out of the kitchen, and let him work.  You will rise to a beautiful masterpiece and be pleased with the result!
By Sheena Boswell @GospelCakeMaker Instagram

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  1. That was awesome Sheena 🙂 The entire concept and analogy was on point!

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