Letter of Liberation to my Generation Part II


As I lay in bed after the usual heartfelt conversation with my Beau, I begin looking back over my life, and I realize all of the lies that I used to believe as a result of traumatic experiences. I thought because I was raped and defiled so much that no man would ever want me or really love me. My lack of self love allowed the verbal abuse of my past to sink deeper than a knife shoved into my flesh. And it stayed there. It festered. And I started believing the lies. I was deceived, and my actions showed it.

If the devil can get you to think a certain way he’ll have you doing a certain thing. Don’t fall for it! You’re accepted in the beloved. You’re the righteousness of God through Christ – you are NOT your past! Your story only shows the previews, but the end was already determined in the beginning. Your Creator knew your destiny before time began, before you were even in your mother’s womb. His thoughts of you are of peace, not of evil, plans to prosper you not to harm you and to give you hope for a great future with an expected end! Forget what you did, what he said, and what she thinks about you! God says you’re fearfully and wonderfully made in His image, His prized possession and creation and He cares about everything that concerns you. Give it all to Him. Let Him take over your relationships. Let Him give you your power back. You don’t have to settle, you don’t have to believe those lies that tell you no one will ever want to be with you, that you’re not worthy of love. Obviously you’re worthy because God said you were. After all He gave you the greatest love of all – His Son Jesus- because you’re worth it. You’re not what you did. You’re not what you do. You’re not defined by what they did to you! You’re worth more than many sparrows; your value cannot be bought, sold, or measured so stop trying to equate it to the shallow superficial things of this world! Dig deep to rid yourself of the residue that all that hurt left behind. You’re more than the bitterness that lingers and rules your words and actions. You’re more than meaningless relationships, one night stands, and “friends with [no] benefits”. You deserve a better life, a peace filled life that consists of more than club nights, drinking, social media popularity, unhealthy relationships, and fake friendships. God is setting you up for your true portion and your future is so bright! If you would stop blocking the Son from shining within you, you would see that.

God is trying to bring you to a place of balance so you have to let the dead weight go. Holding on to the past will keep you stagnant, and to be stagnant is fruitless. We’re here to bear much fruit and to carry out our true purpose. Free yourself so somebody else can be free. Overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of your testimony. Your go through is to help somebody else get through, but you have to get you off your mind for a minute to realize that. Selflessness; It’s the example Christ set. He went from being King of Kings to being a lowly humble servant, then died a criminals death- all for us. All for love. Servant leadership is the highest level of being a true leader. How can we truly serve others? By being all that God has called us to be so we can really be used in His Kingdom. That’s what it’s really about. It’s not about denominations and religious organizations that distract you from truly serving, learning, and growing. And I don’t know about you, but I refuse to give the devil a foothold, an arm-hold (yes, I made that up lol) or any kind of hold. Submit yourselves therefore to God, resist the devil, and he will flee! But first, you must humbly submit yourself to God and realize that you’re not smart enough to run your own life. We don’t have the goods to figure it all out on our own. That’s why we have a Savior. That’s why Christ desires to live within us and turn what the devil meant for harm into GOOD. That’s why He sent His mediator and comforter and instructor the Holy Spirit to lead, guide, confirm, direct, and comfort.

24 “Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. 25 For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. 26 For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?”

-Matthew 16:24-26

The day I decided to give up my life to submit to Christ was the day I never looked back. And I’m telling you, I may not have it all figured out, I may not have a job or know where my next dollar is coming from, I may not have it all together but what I do know is my God has brought me from a mighty long way and it is because of Him that I know I will always be okay. I’ll always grow into the queen He has called me to be because He’s right there with me, fighting for me, standing by me, talking to me, and keeping His joy in my heart to give me strength. He’s always on my mind keeping me in perfect peace. And I no longer worry about tomorrow because I know He’s already got it handled and He’s working out everything for my benefit! How awesome is that?! The peace I’ve had is unparalleled, indescribable, and invaluable. I couldn’t ask for a better companion to guide me through life. I’m so in love – with Jesus. And I just want everyone to know what is available to you through this one-on-one, deeply intimate relationship. Pray that He will turn your hardened heart towards Him, toward life, from stone to flesh and make all things new. [“I’ll pour pure water over you and scrub you clean. I’ll give you a new heart, put a new spirit in you. I’ll remove the stone heart from your body and replace it with a heart that’s God-willed, not self-willed. I’ll put my Spirit in you and make it possible for you to do what I tell you and live by my commands.” Ezekiel 36:24-26]

But know that your obedience determines your altitude. Your faithfulness will put you a lot farther ahead than your bitterness ever did. Trust me, I’ve tried both and in these past two years I’ve grown more than I have in my entire 24 years of life. To God be the glory because I am nothing and can do nothing without Him.

To sum it all up, you have to know who you are. It’s not who the media says you are, or the rest of the world but who your Creator says you are. Would you ask Michelangelo about the inspiration and value of a painting Picasso created? What sense does that make? How would he know? He’s not the creator! Stop looking for validation in people who don’t even know who THEY are. To have peace (and to be able to truly live a fulfilled purposeful life) get to know the Creator of life. It is in Him that we live, and move, and have our being. He is in all, and He is all that matters. Come to Him broken. I did, and He put every single part back together piece by piece. He used the glue of His forgiveness mixed with compassion, grace and mercy, and filled the cracks with His unconditional love and joy. I’ll never be the same because of this. I’ll never look back because I’ve never been happier and more at peace. Not because everything is smooth sailing, but because I trust the Captain of the ship. And so can you. Build a relationship with Him, put down your battle gear, trust in Him, rest, and let resting become your fighting. Selah.

by Charlay Jones @CeeCreatively


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  1. Great word & encouraging message 🙂

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