Hold on to your vision

Vision is the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be. In other words; in the present, you can see the future. What is it that you see when you look into your future, into this cities future, into the world’s future? We need to understand that what we create mentally, we see visually and what we see visually manifest externally. Everything we see in physical existence today, existed visually and mentally first. This shows us that the visions we have in our mind, if we holdImage on to them will materialize into something tangible.

So I say to you, hold on to your vision. Physically take a hold on to what’s in your mind. There are people whom will tell you that which exist in your mind doesn’t exist anywhere else. On the contrary I assure you; that which exists in your mind already exists, you just have to work for it to manifest itself. Our problem is we give up on our visions to soon. When things don’t happen as fast as we want, when there is opposition, when there is a setback; we tend to throw our hands up in aguish vacating the work we put in. Watching our vision (the one people told us did not exists) slip out of our fingers.

Visions are a gift from God. Upon you giving it up, someone else will receive it. There will be no greater grief in your life than watching someone else bring your vision to pass. So hold on to your vision. See it through. Watch it grow. Water and nurture it. Give it everything it needs to be healthy. Surround yourself with other people that have visions. People who will connect with you, to see what you see. People that will encourage and not dispirit. People who will exhort and not bring down. Your vision is what makes you unique. It is the very thing, that separates you from the rest of the world.  When you give up on your vision, you become just another person that wakes up and goes to a job they hate.

What sets an Eagle above all other birds, is they live at an altitude where they can see what others can’t. Don’t let people that don’t live at the same altitude of life as you, cause you to abandon your vision. Your vision is just that. YOURS! No ones else has to see it. No one else has to believe in it. Holding on to your vision is a duty for you alone. So don’t let go, don’t give up and don’t put it off for tomorrow. Move closer to your vision day by day. Research and plan, attend related events. Reach out to people who are doing something similar. Every chance you get, do something that will bring you nearer to the goal. I’m not hear to tell you that bringing your vision to pass will be easy, but erasing your vision from your mind, getting rid of the butterflies in your stomach or getting a full nights sleep will be so much harder if you give up on it. If you have a vision, it is hard wired to the very core of your being.  It is the essence of who you are supposed to be. Aborting the mission to fulfill your vision is aborting life itself. In the words of Langston Hughes, “hold fast to dreams. For when dreams die. Life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.” Your vision is what is going to cause you to sore. Hold on.

By Mitchell Chance @DrMitchLove


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