Who’s the real hypocrite?

 Reasons people say they don’t go to church. “I don’t go to church because they judge people.” Image“I don’t go to church because the people in there are fake.” “I don’t go to church because they want me to get dressed.”  And the most used reason, “I don’t go to church because church people are hypocrites.”

Hypocrite: a word often used to define Christians. I’ve been called a hypocrite on more than a few occasions. What always confused me was; the people who called me a hypocrite never stepped foot in my church to hear me preach. In order for me to be a hypocrite, my life has to contradict what I preach; and for a person to call me one, they have to know what it is I preach and don’t live up too. It is very ignorant to call someone a hypocrite without knowing what the individual stands for. Lets visit these reasons why people don’t go to church and see who the real hypocrite is.

The first stance professed is “I don’t go to church because they judge people.” I’m totally fine with this excuse. No one wants to be judged and  looked down on. What I’m not fine with about this stance is; why is church the only place ruled out because of judgment? Every place you decide to go in life there will be people judging you. Do people that make this stance only go to places that are 100% judgment free? If not; doesn’t this sound hypocritical? You profess to not go to a place (church) because they judge, but still go places where you get judged. In no way am I saying that it’s ok for church people to judge because the world judges; but I’m saying, that excuse needs to be eliminated since the persons using it really don’t have an issue with going places where they get judged.

What the church really stands for.

Lets examine judgment in the church. Firstly I will admit that there are some people in the church who are out of pocket and can make some people uncomfortable. I’ve seen this with my own eyes but this only represents a few people in a church. The real belief of Christianity is that God’s word should govern our lives. Therefore, some actions are considered unacceptable for a Christian. Will we preach against those things? Yes! Will we attempt to encourage someone to stop living a certain way? Yes! Is that judgment? No! That is us trying to get someone to fully walk in what God has called them to. If you love someone and see them doing something that is not good for them, you should speak on it. We want to identify issues ASAP and deal with them. It’s not judging you because you currently do it; it’s helping you get through it. This is what we really stand for.

The second stance is “I don’t go to church because the people in there are fake.”  Truthfully, no one wants to be around a bunch of people that are fake. Question is; what makes a church person fake?  Because they have private issues that aren’t broadcasted on Sunday morning? This stance would imply that everyone at all times should lead a conversation with what they do wrong. So do people that profess this stance tell everything they do bad on a job interview? Do they tell them “I just want you to know, that sometimes I wont be working but I’ll be using my work computer to search the web?” No they don’t. When they meet people, do they tell them things like, “I cheated in my last relationship.” Or “I stole from the last person I met?” NO!! They’re not being fake; it’s just a time for everything to be revealed.

What the church really stands for.

While it is true that every Christian still sins; we do not come together on Sunday to talk about our sin. We come to thank Jesus for covering them. Are there people who act like they never sin? Yes. But again that is only a small percentage. Rom 3:23 tells us that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. We believe that every human being was born a sinner and will always sin in some form, but the blood of Jesus covers our sin making us faultless. So when we come together, we don’t come as sinners; we come as blood washed faultless saints due the blood of Jesus which is available for all. Its not that we’re fake on Sunday; it’s that Sunday is not the time to yell out “I struggle with fornication.” Church is more than Sunday and there are times when these things are discussed and dealt with.

The third stance is “I don’t go to church because they want me to get dressed.” While what you wear should not keep you from receiving the Word of God, lets examine this thinking. I’m fine with someone that doesn’t want there to be a dress code for church, if they’re against dress codes period. My issue is, people will take this stance but wont dare show up to a job interview with the outfit they want to wear to church. They wont have an issue with a job giving them a uniform. The same person that wont go to church because they don’t want to get dressed, will work for UPS and have no problem wearing all brown everything. Even socks. Is this person really taking a stance against places requiring a certain dress code? I don’t believe anyone should be put out of church because of what they wear; at the same time, I don’t believe a person should have an issue with getting dressed for church if they get dressed for other things.

What the church really stands for.

While there are some churches that go overboard with the dress code, it still has meaning. Whereas jobs and events have dress codes solely because they want you to look a certain way; getting dressed for church has substance. The tradition of getting dressed for church was designed to keep us in the mindset of giving God our best. With our kids we have their good clothes for school and special events and then we have their play clothes. This ideology is that some places you should have a higher regard for and it’s important to get dressed for them. The church is one of the places. We are to reverence God in everything we do. Wearing our best for God is a form of reverence. We would not dare wear just anything to go see a new boo or if somehow we got a chance to see our favorite celebrity; we would go shopping beforehand. This is the mindset we encourage to have for God. Where we hold Him in such a high regard that it’s no way we will go to see Him in His house with just anything on. This does not mean don’t come/you’re not allowed to come to church because you don’t have the right clothes; this means, if you don’t have an issue with other places having a dress code, don’t have one with the church.

The most used stance that encompasses all the others “I don’t go to church because church people are hypocrites.” After examining what I have found to be is the group of excuses used by people that are against going to church; who’s the real hypocrite? It seems to me that there is more hypocrisy in not going to church, than actually going. This blog was not written to name call or to point fingers saying you’re a hypocrite and we’re not. It was written to show that you can be as comfortable in church as you can be in every other place you don’t mind going. There are people everywhere that will do things you wont like. If you overgeneralize that small percentage of people, you wont go anywhere. If these are your reasons for not going to church, I ask you to just give church a try. You’ll be surprised to see that its not as bad as you may think. If you can deal with jobs, school and day to day life in this world, believe me; church will be a relief.

by Mitchell Chance @DrMitchLove


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  1. Great post. It was very concise & causes not just the nonbeliever but also the believer to take a look at himself/herself in the mirror & really not point figures at one another but rather analyze our own lives against what we say that we stand & don’t stand for and what we actually do.

  2. Bro, you are on point with this one. Awesome stuff!!! I’m reposting this

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