Expect More


Have you ever went to dinner at your favorite restaurant with your family and the wait was outrageously long. The restaurant is full of people standing up waiting and sitting down in the lobby. Those who have already been seated are eating but really can’t enjoy their meals because there are people crowding their space. The size of the restaurant and the capacity of people on the inside just do not seem to match as you look around. Waiting can seem so much longer when you’re frustrated and the current situation you’re in doesn’t suit your liking.

Whether in a restaurant or waiting on important documents to print out of the copy machine at work having patience and learning to cope with the delay is what is best. Everyone knows when you go to the restaurant that there is a strong possibility that the place will be packed and full of other hungry people. Dining in at a restaurant consists of time, and lots of patience once your seated the waiter may or may not come straight to the table. When they do usually they will offer you a drink and then present the appetizers to you. This is their way of sparing time and giving the chefs and other servers the time to take care of other meals. Even after the long wait, a few drinks and maybe an appetizer you and your party still may have to wait. Restaurants don’t run off appetizers and coke products everyone looks forward to the main dish. You expect more from your experience but must wait on it to get the results you so desperately want. This is how our Christian walk is, there is only so much that we can find to do while we wait on that performance God promised us. In the beginning one may show signs of being a little impatient but may still remain claim, but let so many days, months, years go by one may grow very impatient with waiting. Even in the midst of waiting on God he still finds ways to make up for the lost time. To him it’s not time lost but extra time for him to work out and perfect who we are in him. The word of God calls him a craftsman for he is the masterpiece of each of our lives. He has strategically painted an eternal picture of what our future will hold according to the promises he has given to us. Don’t be like the impatient customer in the restaurant who can’t sit down and enjoy the time they have to be out. This time is not to be used for worrying and complaining but a time to enjoy friends, family and fellowship. The same with God while you wait have an attitude of expectancy.

The wait is the hard part but if you can wait it out there is a promise with your destiny(fate) written all over it waiting for you. We must learn to know God and how he works he set us in this place of expectancy to build our faith and trust in him. Expectancy is the stepping stone into your promise the more you believe the greater the blessing will be because God can trust you to put your hope in him.

God’s word is true and since he is his word that means he can never lie. Our hope is in him just as Hebrews 6 says and as a result we can face tomorrow. The sureness of who God is what we must hold dear to and proclaim. Our hope and trust is secure in him like a anchor that holds firmly to the bottom of the seabed. Our trust in him is unmovable, unshakeable and eternal it will never change. No matter how long you wait never lose your hope but expect move from God let him blow your expectations. Amen.

by Sakinah Salley @chocolatecovered_kea


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