The powerful fact about accountability is that it causes one to be held responsible for their actions and take account for every decision they make. The lack of accountability is due to one ignoring their current situation and or their inability to change their outcome in life. Its simple ACCOUNTABILITY begins with ACKNOWLEDGMENT!  One who can admit their wrong still has a chance of making a CHANGE for the better! This way past mistakes won’t be repeated and they can start to really live!

Action Plan:

To help individuals recognize the importance of being responsible, responsibility begins with one being willing to take the needed steps so that they can be satisfied with themselves. Once they do they will act differently and be  more self-efficient and motivated to improve each area of their life.

Targeted Areas:

Perception-  An individuals positive and or negative evaluations of themselves will either create self-motivating or self-defeating behaviors that will encourage or discourage them from being accountable. One who is responsible will create steps along the way to support the decision they made. Self-awareness in this case, encourages one to notice any hindrances that will keep them from moving forward. Self-enhancement techniques, which help an individual, maintain positive feelings about themselves and their decisions to be responsible.

Fear of the Unknowing– An individual will never be able to move forward if they continue to tell themselves that in order to move forward, they must know what is waiting for them. Since where one is going may seem unobtainable they never move forward and live life to its fullest potential. Individuals like this never complete any tasks and are numbed by fear, which keeps them from moving forward, and or being accountable to anything that will challenge them to be better. They remain stuck in a standby position never making any sound decisions in life.

Past Failures-  Past failures can hinder an individual of ever moving forward, or taking responsibility for any mistakes they have made. The fear of doing the same thing over and over again hinders one of doing something that they thought they could never do. The lack of succeeding has crippled one from ever seeing success, instead of focusing on becoming better and doing better one stays within a revolving cycle that does not permit change. The lack of willingness to try and change seems impossible because one’s past failures still dictated their next move which should have been to changing their life forever.

Bad Habits- Practicing or even rehearsing past habits that have caused failure will keep one in their cycle of destruction. They will never improve their behavior and build up enough resilience to change their life for the better. The only effective way to stop practicing bad habits is to create new ones that will enhance change.

Tools of Success:

Determine Your Values- One who understands their value in life will not compromise it to satisfy others. They are determined to move forward regardless of their surroundings because they are secure within themselves, know what they want in life and are determined to get it. This individual has learned to act a certain way to, which creates feelings of consistency, which helps them to create ways to be responsible.

Master Your Skill- One must learn to embrace the skill of change, in order to move forward they must know what is ahead of them and prepare to obtain it even before they reach it. The entire purpose of mastering a skill is to learn it and use it to your own advantage to fit your circumstance. Being an responsible individual takes skill and in order to be successful one must be willing to sacrifice everything to obtain the new start.

Be Comfortable In the New Place- One who has moved forward and takes on responsibility has embraced their new beginning and is learning to obtain it. They are not concerned at what is behind them, however they are looking for new ways to better themselves. After being stagnant for so long they have realized just how important it is to be accountable. One who shows responsibility is an indication that they have left behind their past and is working to move forward to better.

by Sakinah Salley, BA, CPC, CWC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Available for life coaching sessions. Contact at CoachSakinah@gmail.com

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  1. Good stuff Sakinah 🙂 looking forward to your future posts.

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