“A is for Accountability” Series


“You Are What You Think!”

When you think of accountability it may remind you of one who takes responsibility for their own actions and accepts the tasks of doing what is right. A responsible individual has learned over time how to do the right thing and has practiced making precise decisions that will benefit them. Responsibility does not come over night and takes much practice, meaning making mistakes only to learn from them will help you sharpen your skill. The first and most important area in accountability is perception. How you perceive yourself will determine what type of behavior you will portray in your everyday actions. If you know who you are then you have obviously learned how to take responsibility for your actions whether they may have been good or bad. To be successful you must change the way you think about yourself and how you perceive situations surrounding you. These good or bad intentions are considered either self-motivating or self-defeating behaviors and are used to push you forward or even backwards depending on how you perceive your journey.
If your journey of accountability is driven by self-defeating behaviors you will never move forward but only make excuses for not making a change. You will never show any type of responsibility or make an effort to do better. On the other hand if you journey of accountability is driven by self-motivating behaviors you will accomplish all you set out to do in life because you pushed yourself to be responsible. Self-motivating behaviors will propel you into your destiny and will help you to keep pressing even when everything is telling you to give up. What will you do about your future will you pursue it and take on responsibility or will you back down because you fear what is ahead? You determine your own fate, make a decision today to be responsible for how your life will turn out. Self-awareness is key to helping you change your bad habits and putting you on the path to your journey of success. How you think about yourself is a clear indication of how you will react to life circumstances. If you see greater you will think beyond your situation and find ways to be better.
Accountability is an individual choice, which then challenges you to take responsibility for whatever you do. Choose to be accountable today and take hold of your future! You’re journey of success starts with you! Start on the path today you have nothing to lose.


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