“I’m not wrong, I’m gay”


Transparent Issues:

During the past week I’ve been seeing a lot of post that are attacking homosexuals. I am a gay man and have felt this way as far back as I can remember. People are talking about homosexuality as if it’s a disease or a choice and it’s neither. I know I was born this way,  so how can anyone tell me I’m wrong and I don’t love God because I’m living a lifestyle that God created me to live? I don’t understand why people are so disgusted about our way of life. Especially since nobody is perfect and the people that are against homosexuality have their own issues. I can’t believe that God would create me with these feelings, just to condemn me for them. I know this forum is supposed to be about getting advice but that’s not why I’m writing in because I’m completely comfortable in my lifestyle. I wanted to write this so people can know that homosexuality is not a choice, we are not bad people and we can love God just as much as anyone else. Jesus accepted everyone that came to him, so the church should do the same. The church needs to stop singling us out and preaching like we’re some sort of anti-christ. Jesus said that many people at the end will say lord we healed and prophesied in your name and he will say to them; get away from me you workers of iniquity. I believe these pillars of the Christian community will be shunned by Jesus because they refuse to accept his people into their churches. And by his people I mean homosexuals because we are his people too. Christians need to watch how they treat us before they get to the gates of heaven and are not let in because they refused to love us.

DSM Response,

Thank you so much for writing in and voicing your opinion. First thing we want to say is that you are right about Christians not being accepted in Heaven for not having love but when we speak on homosexuality, it’s not because we don’t love them; it’s because we don’t love the sin. We believe that the word of God last forever (Isaiah 40:8 1Pet 1:25) so if God’s word says that homosexuality is wrong, that has final authority in our life. We can’t pick and choose which part of the bible we want to believe so we can continue enjoying a particular sin. Whatever the word says we need to stop doing, we have to try our best to do so. The bible tells us not to commit adultery. So can we say “I was born to have sex with multiple people so I can commit adultery?” No we can’t. So just like heterosexuals have to stop committing whatever sin they struggle with, homosexuals have to stop committing homosexual acts. You might say “how can I stop being what I am.” You might not be able to stop the desires but you can stop acting on them. We can’t allow our desires to control us. Psalm 37:5 says “Commit thy way to The Lord.” We all have to give what we want up and give in to what God wants.

No one can measure if you love God in your heart. But Jesus said “If you love me, keep my commandments.” Jn 14:15 So even though we can’t say you don’t love God, we can say you’re not living like you do. Not because you commit sin (because we all do) but because you won’t admit that it’s sin. Saying it’s not sin is saying God and His Word is wrong. Calling God a liar is why people would assume that you don’t love Him. Saying you’re comfortable in your lifestyle shows that you have no desire to listen to God saying you need to change. We all have sin that we love, for it is pleasure for a season but once you start saying it’s not sin you cannot be forgiven because you won’t even ask for forgiveness. As far as God creating you with those feelings, that is not true. We are born in sin because we live in a fallen world. God did not sit in Heaven and say “I’ll make you gay and make you straight.” Now because of the condition of our world we are born with a sinful flesh that we need to conquer. Yes Jesus accepted all people; He also preached a message of repentance. Which is a message that says stop sinning. The church accepts people just as they are also, we just don’t accept the thinking that you can come in and stay how you are. As far as the pillars of the Christian community not going to Heaven because they don’t love homosexuals, that is taking that scripture out of context and using it to fit your life.

There is nothing but love for you and all homosexuals from DSM and all true Christians everywhere. We love you but not your sin, as we don’t love our own sin. We pray that God will show you that there is a better way of life. A way that He has ordained for you, one that lines up with His word.

Sincerly DSM

The Forum is open below. Comment your remarks on this situation.

Remember to stay positive



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  1. Great response! LOVE the sinner hate the sin. We don’t love our sin and we can’t love your sin. BUT we sure do love you!!

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