Focus on Facts


Focus on facts

I am the Queen of wondering…constantly thinking about everything else instead of focusing on what I know and what’s going on in the present moment. It’s not unusual for us of think about the “what if’s”, “what else’s”, and “what’s going to happen” of a situation; it is In our nature. But often times when we think about these things our thoughts are typically negative.

We wonder how long a good streak will last, what bad stuff will happen that’ll cause stuff to change, and most of all what did we do to be place in such a “good” state. We wonder what if, and whether or not something is as real as it seems? Questioning our reality, our future, and worst of all questioning God. This phenomenon is commonly known as: stinking thinking.

This type of thinking is toxic and it can and will immediately change your mood and practically make you go crazy. Fearing the unknown is human, it’s hard for us to be comfortable with something that we’re unsure of. During these moments it’s important to try to remind yourself of all the things you DO KNOW, all the facts; not the feelings you have or ideas that you wonder about because those things are fickle and cannot be relied on (read Jeremiah 17:9-10).

For many people, our  fantasies are usually worse than our reality. The reason for this is so that we can protect our inner selves from any pain or disappointment that may stem from a situation. So in order to not be “as hurt” I’m going to assume something even worse in order to prepare myself.  This type of thinking clouds our minds and prohibits us from enjoying the present. In counseling, we’re taught to encourage our clients to live in the “here and now”; to accept and appreciate the present situation.

By focusing on the facts of the ‘here and now’ we are choosing to only deal with what we know, which is also usually the only things we can control at that time. Our minds are powerful entities but that is also the a primary place that the devil lurks in an attempt to play tricks on us. Make sure you stay focused on the facts of a situation (what you know to be true, and most importantly what God says is true), and don’t allow toxic ideas and assumptions to cloud what you know to be fact.

Some methods that can be used in order to help modify our thoughts and focus on facts include:

-Reframing: creating a new way to think about/look at a situation

-Providing evidence: getting proof for those funky thoughts; what proof do you have that deem these ideas to be facts? And if they aren’t facts then why are you letting it affect you?

-Refocusing: clearing your mind of everything else and simply focusing on what you know for sure.

-Stay in the here and now!! –This does not mean you can’t plan or think about your future, it simply means not to get caught up thinking about the negative things that can happen that you miss the positive things that are happening.

-Read and pray –God’s word is fact and he will never steer you wrong

by Edie King, BA



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