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Normalcy: the quality or condition of being normal. How exactly do we define “normal”? It’s easy for us to feel what normal is like, but it’s a lot harder to put that feeling into words. Often times, things happen in our lives that divert us from our path of “normalcy” and we feel the impact of the change. We feel incomplete, not whole, and as if something is missing.

When Psychologists perform research studies, they first observe what the subject is like in its regular state; they then add or remove something from the environment in order to affect the subject’s behavior and cause a change. The end result is usually a state that is outside of what the subject considers normal. However, both subconsciously and consciously, the subject attempts to return to a state of normalcy (or a return to baseline) by altering other things in order to make sense about the recent change in their environment. Their goal isn’t to remove the change. Instead, the goal is to find ways to get back to their baseline state despite the change, or to more importantly, create a new baseline state.  

I may have lost some people in all that psycho-babble talk, but I say all of that to say this. In life, our goal is never perfection; it is simply to feel complete. When God allows things to happen in our lives He is simply showing us how to still live in spite of it. Yes it may alter some of the things in our “normal” routine but it is in our power and His will for us to create a new normal.  

I can only speak on things that have affected me, and this is one area that affects me often and impacts me greatly. I hate feeling like things are out of place, or having that empty chest feeling that I get when I know something is wrong. During these moments, I try my best to focus on what God is trying to show me or help me understand. I ask for clarity in the situation, and then I begin to feel it (not immediately, but eventually). In no way am I saying that this process is easy, because it isn’t; yet it is very possible.

We all have different ideas of what “normal” feels like; one person’s normal is another’s dysfunctional. It is because of the subjectivity of what normal is that we can also change our ideas and definitions about what normalcy means for us. Create a new baseline, and return to normal. <– END

by Edie King, BA



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