A is for Accountability


“A is for Accountability!” Series

“ I Think I Can, I Think I Can”

Think of life as being a road, if this road was used to describe your life story how would it begin and end. Throughout this road there may have been road bumps, hurdles and even some detours. Life has a way of taking you through a series of events that you may not have even planned; it has the ability to stretch you even beyond your limit. Why? Surprisingly, it is a part of life and your individual development. What does not kill you only makes you stronger, so you can continually fight through life to make it.   During some point in your life there will be hardships you will have to face. Some life events you will be expecting, while others will take you by surprise and demand your immediate response. Depending on where you are in life at that particular time you may or may not respond the correct way.  This is where failures comes into play, you may have failed at something you tried and just can’t seem to get it right. Failure is not always devastating; in fact, its purpose is to make you deal with your situation differently the next time it occurs. It prepares you for what is to come and makes you aware of how you must try do better.

The fear of dealing with adversity can hinder you from moving forward and being accountable for your actions. Fear produces failure and makes one believe success is far from them. Your road of life may be full of excuses, failures, empty dreams and no vision. The lack of succeeding may have crippled you and told you that will never be able to do anything.  Instead of making excuses tell yourself you will succeed and do better than before! It does not matter how many times you have messed up trying to master a skill, your strength is in your not giving up.

Life’s greatest teacher is making a mistake, it gives you the opportunity to try a task again and master it so you can be better at it.  Use your past failures as your strength to move forward, your journey to success will begin when you make up in your mind that you will never quit but succeed.


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