God: Where Are You?


Transparent Issues:

Hello DSM,

I’m 20 years old and fairly new to this life on my own. I’m used to my parents taking care of everything (sadly including my spiritual walk) and now I’m on my own. I have a small child and it’s just me and him. I’m working, living with a friend from school and still going to church doing all that I know is the “right” thing to do but I’m struggling with the thought of not being good enough for my parents. I feel like I’ve always lived for them until I had my son. My parents were always pretty strict with me being that I’m the oldest of my siblings and always seem to hold me to a higher bar. Sure I messed up but God still loves me right? I have some verbal support from my parents but that’s it. I’m forced to do everything on my own. Family is spread out and no one really lends out a hand. My parents keep telling me to not let go of my faith and to keep God first but everything is so tough right now.  My friends aren’t really saved but they help me out when I need it. They seem more like family than my own parents sometimes. I was happy this time last year but now I’m so depressed, I love my son but I’m so stressed. I want to give him the best life but I don’t have much to give. I’m not perfect but I’m trying. Do I really have any hope? Some days I just feel like yelling,”Where is God?!” in my life.

 DSM Response,

Thank you for writing in.

It is always an adjustment going from childhood to adulthood. As teenagers we think we’re grown until we encounter grown problems. Firstly we don’t want you to feel as if it is something wrong with you. You’re in the same place almost everyone has been before, upon leaving their parents house. It’s natural to be accustomed to our parents being our everything. Life is probably about 25% learning from others and 75% trial and error. We learn, grow, mature and build character from our hard times and mistakes. So don’t allow the enemy to creep in and tell you, that there is something wrong with you, you’re weak, you’re not going to make it etc because those statements are untrue. You will get through this time in your life and look back at it and see how it made you better. As far as being “good enough” for your parents: the ability to be great, is always hindered by being enslaved to what others think of you. You should not let the image your parents have in mind or the one you think they have in mind for you; keep you from the image you have of you. You said that you’re doing EVERYTHING you know is the right thing. As long as you’re doing that, continuing to learn, grow and be better; don’t worry about how anyone (including your parents) view you. The oldest child always get it the roughest but ignore the bar they set and set the bar of your life by God’s word. Yes you messed up but WHO HASN”T??????? If God doesn’t love you because you messed up then God doesn’t love anyone. But Rom 5:8 says “Yet while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” So not only does God love you in spite of you messing up. He died for you knowing you would mess up.
Now concerning your spiritual life. Again, it is normal for children t lean on their parents for that. We’re kids, we don’t know whats what so have no choice but to know God through them. Now that you’re older and on your own, you have to seek God for yourself. Get in your word, start a consistent prayer life, be active in church and what we believe is the most important thing for young people; surround yourself with other believers that will encourage you. This issue here is why Minister Mitch started DSM. So no one would have to have this issue. DSM is the network/family/support system that we all need when we feel alone. We are all there for one another, pray for and with one another and when someone is in pain we cry with one another. We strive to encourage each other in times of need and in more than just lip service. So if you need a support system, DSM will welcome you with open arms and we all will walk with you every step of the way.

Do you have hope? YES!!! Holding on to your faith will be the only hope you have. Think of this. If you give up on God and stop believing; where would any hope come from? Faith is knowing that The LORD is behind the scenes working on your behalf to make things better. That is hope right there. The opposite of faith is; I can’t handle this and I don’t have anybody that can helping me. There is no hope in that so DO NOT GIVE UP ON GOD and do not stop believing. We understand that you are stressed and trust us, everyone in DSM has dealt with or is dealing with some sort of stress. The constant thing in our lives that keeps the stress from overtaking us is our faith. So hold on to your faith and don’t let go. You ask where God is at in your life. There is only one thing that is causing you to survive what you’re dealing with; that is God’s grace. So the better question is; where isn’t God in your life?

sincerely DSM

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Remember to stay positive



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