A is for Accountability


A is for Accountability Series…

“I’m Breaking Out!”

Its very easy to form a habit, in fact it does not take much to start doing something, the problem is once you start doing something it is hard to stop. Think about something that you know was wrong and you did it anyway, and as a result now years later you are still doing it. Bad habits are intended to keep you off track; it blurs your vision of what you should be doing and makes you focus on negative things instead. This keeps you stagnant and never brings you the true results you want in life. Practicing bad habits and keeping them in your life will cause you to stay in a cycle of mistakes and never produce any change. Most individuals who are stuck and can’t seem to make any changes in their lives, suffer from engaging in self-indulging behaviors such as tolerating bad habits and never checking them. The only way to check those bad habits in your life is to build up a resilience to fight off what is comfortable and do what you know is truly right.


Resilience is having the ability to build up enough momentum to fight against anything that is harmful and even wrong. Creating new habits to replace the old ones is a great way to help one do better. The only effective way to do better is to be better; you must push yourself to do more than you have ever done if you desire to see change.  Challenge yourself today to replace those bad habits with positive life changing habits that can make your future brighter and dreams come true. Your focus in life should simply be to see your life turn out the way you intended it to. If there is anything in your life that is hindering you from seeing this, then it is up to you to remove it so you can keep moving forward. Break away from those bad habits and establish some new healthy ones today that will certainly bring you the results you desire in life.


by Sakinah Salley, BA, CPC, CWC

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