F is for Fear Series…


F is for Fear Series…

“Fear Has Told me Lies!”

Real quick! Take a synopsis of your life over the last couple of months and think about the things you did not do because you were hindered by fear. If nothing comes to mind think back a little further to maybe the last couple months or years; there has to one thing you can think of that has keep you from moving forward because of fear. Fear is an unpleasant emotion that is brought about by the belief of an individual after they have witnessed some sort of shock or something dangerous has occurred. What has occurred in your life that you feel fearful and cant seem to move forward? Maybe it was the fear of failure, or people, or maybe it was the lack of faith in yourself. Whatever your struggle with fear you must recognize today that being afraid will keep you from ever changing. Sometimes our biggest challenge in life is not fear of things or people but the lack of faith one has in themselves, due to this we never complete anything and always make excuses for everything.

Believing lies about fear will also hinder you and keep you from reaching your fullest potential in life.  Think about some of the lies you have believed, how did they affect you and where are you now because of this? Considering where you currently are but really wish to be, should be your motivation to overthrowing fear from your life to embrace truth instead. When you believe the truth you will no longer believe a lie and fear wont be able to deceive you any longer. The purpose of fear is to make you believe that the path you are embarking upon to start your journey to success is the wrong one. Be careful not to believe this because anything you put your mind to can happen as long as fear is not in the equation. Replace those negative fearful thoughts with positive motivating ones that will keep you from going backwards and instead forward.

Break up with fear today and find new ways to motivate yourself to do better. Make truth and faith your friends today and use them to start on your journey of success, when you do there is no doubt that you will go far and prosper.

by Sakinah Salley, BA, CPC, CWC

Available for life coaching sessions. Contact at CoachSakinah@gmail.com

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