F is for Fear Series…


F is for Fear Series…

“ I’ve Learned to Conquer Fear!”


Have you ever made up in your mind that you were going to learn something but procrastinated to do so because of fear? Doing things that are comfortable and do not require much effort is what we usually do in life; sometimes majoring in the minor is what we settle for because were too lazy to reach for anything greater. Why? The sky is the limit and we have endless opportunities set before us; however we do just enough to get by. Sadly, you will never be able to conquer fear if you let it dictate to you your outcome in life.


Your greatest teacher in life should be experience it will show you how to go through life successfully even if there are odds coming up against you. In life you cannot control the actions of others or things around you, the only obligation you have in life is to fulfill your own life purpose. To fulfill your life purpose set no boundaries and instead set goals that stretch far beyond where you currently are. Fear will only take you as far as you allow it to; instead of waiting for fear to teach a lesson use your trials as your triumph. You have learned the greatest lesson in life already and that’s how to overcome, once you learn to master being a conqueror of fear it will have no choice but to flee from your life.

Determine your path in life by following your biggest dreams, do the impossible and conquer your greatest fear. You owe it to yourself to succeed and do what many will never do be a victor and not a victim!

by Sakinah Salley, BA, CPC, CWC

Available for life coaching sessions. Contact at CoachSakinah@gmail.com

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