F is for Fear series…


F is for Fear Series…
“Fear? What’s That?”

At some point in life you will get tired of the same issues ruling your life that it will propel you to change. Change is the beginning of your transformation, whatever may have hindered you before will not be able to do so any longer. Fear is a sign of weakness and can cause you to stay in a place of stagnation for longer than you may have expected. What is the ideal time for a trial or issue? How long will it take for you to grasp the lesson of the trial before you get the lesson? See the trial for what it is and learn its purpose quickly. If you have mess in your life be reminded that there is room for a message to be birthed out of your hardships. Fear remains in our lives longer than we intend it to because we tolerate it and allow it to dictate to our lives. Learn to serve fear an eviction notice and let it know you have found other ways to occupy your time.

Learn to live in peace, replace those old habits with fun-filled activities that satisfy you. What brings you joy; in what ways do you make yourself happy? These are questions to keep in mind when eliminating fear from your life. Be determined to get rid of fear forever; when you do the sky will be the limit for you. Be bold and courageous in your approach let fear see that you are a new person. Handle fear with confidence knowing that you are better and wiser than it thinks you are. Don’t let fear illustrate your future, be brave enough to be the author of your own story.

by Sakinah Salley, BA, CPC, CWC

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