I’m Free

I want my praise to be acceptable Lord. I want my first love to be pleased with me. For you have made me and i want to operate the way you designed me. Lord let my actions and the desires of my heart line up with you. Let my body be a living sacrifice . When im leaning to the left or a little to the right, let my decisions be made according to what is right. When im hurting and an emotional wreck let me lift my eyes to the hills and keep them set on you. When i lose my direction in life , i seem to be out the way , i want to be so caught up , wrapped up tied up in you that in your arms i will stay. My soul yearns for fellowship with you, cause that what Daddy’s and daughters do. I remember once being hurt and my heart felt torn apart. My earthly father told me that he loved me more than any man could and he always had from the start. He told me to remember that and his love would never depart. So much more has my heavenly father loved me. He sent his only son,to die just for me. When i was chasing fulfillment in all the wrong things. I was a fornicator, a liar, an adulterer a murderer (killed with words),i lusted over whatever the world threw my way. But by the grace of God he enabled me to say. Im saved , im delivered, im set apart and i have a new heart. A new mind and way of thinking. I have power and knowledge to enable me to do all things . But most of all  Im free.


Dewana Watson


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