Our History

Do Something Ministry was founded by Minister Mitchell Chance in September 2012. Through experiencing his own loneliness and seeing the need for young believers to be connected, DSM was formed.

The first DSM event was a platform service on November 2, 2012 themed “Freeing the captives.” This service was the first of many services geared towards bringing unity amongst believers from different churches, and displaying young Christians that were walking in their calling, in order to encourage others to walk in theirs.

In January 2013, DSM partnered with Culture Changing Christians to launch a bi-monthly men’s bible study/fellowship. This was planted at Min. Chance’s home to reach out to the brothers that had a reserve against the church building. Through these; a brotherhood of kingdom relationships was formed, while each man was biblically edified.

In February 2013, DSM launched a women’s bible study/fellowship. With the same focus as the men’s, the women’s bible study/fellowship created a sisterhood of kingdom relationships while each woman was biblically edified.

During the summer months of 2013, DSM began to grow through the bible study fellowships. Leaders were chosen and given positions, and teams were formed for the work of the ministry. With the leaders and the teams in place; September 20-21st, DSM put together their official ministry launch revival themed “New Generation, New Anointing.” Pastor Keon Gerow, of Catalyst for Change Church was the revivalist for the first night and DSM founder Minister Mitchell Chance preached the second night. This was the revival to give the direction of where DSM and its members were headed.

During and after the revival, DSM continued to grow in numbers. Through the guidance of our leader and him hearing from God, DSM is on its way to being a global ministry without limits. We are a ministry that accepts and reaches out to all. Stay tuned to see where God is taking us.


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