Our Mission

Scripture: Mt16:18 “Upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”                                                                                                       

Mission: To stir up the gifts of God in Young Adults across the world.

 Vision: Through the Word of God & fellowship of the Saints, bring edification to the body, and glory to God.

Do Something Ministry (DSM) is a ministry OF young adults (ages 18-35), FOR young adults. We are here for those who are saved but don’t have saved friends, for those that feel lost in their walk & feel like they don’t really belong, those whose church may not have a young adult ministry; and everything in between.

DSMGroup copy

I’ve found that young people aren’t opposed to Christianity because they don’t believe in Jesus, they’re opposed because they don’t fit into church as usual. No one sounds or looks like them. So I was led to start a ministry comprised of their peers where they can identify with Christ through identifying with each other.

If you want peers to encourage you and help you walk in your gift, or if you just need fellow believers to hang out with, we’re here for you. Join our network and make it yours. Anyone can be a part.

Minister Mitchell Chance, DSM founder.


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